I've been retired for a few years.  Since retiring I've been on a bit of a DIY (do it yourself) kick.


First I got involved heavily into the stock market.  I followed the standard path from discretionary trading, thru systematic trading, to money management, and ended up with a portfolio management system that worked for me.  The book DIY Portfolio Management grew out of that experience.  DIY Portfolio Management started just as notes on investing/trading but eventually became a published book.



Then I remodeled our Maui Condo.  The 2 smaller bedrooms were converted into offices, putting in more storage/shelves and beds that fold up against the wall.  Carpets were ripped out and replaced with ceramic tile.  One counter top was replaced with a new concrete poured in place slab.  Most of the condo was painted in a new nice boring off white.  But, my office has shelves high on all four walls, and a blue/white ceiling. 



I purchased my neighbour's 1990 5.0 Mustang GT.  He was working on it on a Sunday and I joked that if he had a new car he could have Sundays off like the rest of us. He said he just bought a Lexus and was selling the 5.0 cheap. It was Christmas so I bought it for myself. It has received work beyond my automotive DIY abilities, and $ far beyond the purchase price.  I got professional help from Kryptonix Motor Sports and Howard's Repair.  It its looking good, and its a lot of fun.  Carbon Fiber hood, aluminum radiator, konis, Ford Racing ss exhaust, shaved door handles, clear headlights, smoothed deck and smooth smoke tail lights.  New brakes, incuding rear disks, coming soon. But, It will never be too handy for transporting Kayak 1.