Details covers rear deck, foot pump, skeg, etc..

Frame just ahead of cockpit.
Glove compartment knee brace based on pvc bottle.
Test of stiching method is was planning on using for the cockpit rim.
Glove compartment in place.  Later I shortened it by half, to make room for the foot pump.
Indent for foot pump.
Plastic drywall anchors, 1" nylon webbing, and ss screws used for attachments.
Foot pump.  Ideas was to suck in air, pressurizing kayak so that water was forced out the back thru poly tubing.  It hasn't worked.  I think the biggest problem is that i'm not getting a good spray skirt seal.  For now I've given up.
Skeg slot.
Stern deck held the skeg box.  Stern is starting to look very surfboardish.  Center is hollow because I didn't want the added weight of Great Stuff foam.
The round object in the center is for draining water from the foot pump pressurized hull.