Cockpit construction went pretty smoothly, but it sucked up quite a few hours.  The core was a drywall corner bead, trimmed and scored to get the basic shape.  The corner bead was covered with layers of fiberglass.  I started with 2 layers of 4 oz. and a 6 oz 2" tape.  Later I added a layer of 10 oz. that wrapped from 4" under cockpit to the outside tip of the rim.

Overall I'm happy with the cockpit rim.  It looks okay and seems strong enought.  I wish I'd studied more rim shapes and avoided the flat spot in my rim.  I'm not getting a good seal in the mid section of the flat part.

Layout for deck and cockpit.  Using paint thinner as a weight is not a good idea.


A crack started as I began to curve EPS.
It was a big crack.

A really big crack.  Not that easy to put a curve into 1" EPS.  I put a fiberglass band aid on the outside side.
Using hacksaw to cut out cockpit hole
Because of the crack, I started scoring the underside of the deck.  My cutting machine making fore-aft cut.
The machine made with a 12" backsaw and clamps was a little heavy.  It worked, but not great.
Because of the compound curve, had to score in both directions.  I found Ryoba saw worked better than my machine.  The saw had a line making the depth I wanted.
After another crack started, I added diagonal scoring.
Shaping deck to compound curve.  Deck curves side to side and fore to aft.
Glassing inside of deck.
Testing to see if I could get the EPS to curve.
Fit isn't nearly good enough with jigs/clamps I've improvised.
Putting compound curve in fore deck has curved the back edge.