Most exiting, most stressful, most second guessed part of build.  Too late I discovered the alignment was off.  Luckily it wasn't off enough to require major surgery.  The final product is not as symmetrical as it could be.

Jig to hold deck in place while hull clamped down.
Deck on jig waiting for hull.
Practice clamping of deck to hull, picnic table is essential part of complex clamping system.
Deck and hull held together.  The white piece of EPS cut from the frame ahead of the cockpit was squeezed in to help hold everything in position.
Deck and hull clamped together.  Deck and hull where squezzed between lumber above and picnic table/deck jig below.  Tensioning was supplied with polypropylene rope using a trucker's hitch.
Starboard side view of deck/hull clamping.

Gap between hull and deck is big is some spots.

I put a fillet on the outside of the hull/deck seam before trimming.


This view shows there is quite a bit to trim in some sections of the hull/deck seam.

Hole thru bow is for carry handle.

The epoxy glue filled the hull deck gap nicely around the cockpit section of Kayak One.

It was exciting to see the deck and hull glued together.

The back looks kinda like a surfboard.  The round thing in the middle is left over from the abandoned foot pump project.  The slot is for the skeg.

This ugly picture shoes that hull deck joint was not too straight and that the clamping pressure split the nose.  I knew the deck/hull were not aligned, but didn't know it was off this much.  It took quite a while to mix and place the thickened epoxy glue and I knew tensioning my clamping jig was going to take some time.  I decided I need to get the hull and deck squeezed together.  Seeing this picture I should have done something different.

Probably for Kayak 2 I will go with female section frames that hold everthing in place. 


Hacksaw blade jig for trimming excess deck.  It worked pretty good when I was careful to hold the masonite firmly against the hull.

After the first trimming pass, the kayak started to look a little better.