The number of web pages interesting to kayakers/paddlers is growing.  The pages listed include those on this site, twin site diykayak, and some other sites I've enjoyed or found educational.

Kayak and Buoyant Safety Paddle Site

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This is a Google Pages site. Its faster than the Office Live site and more Foxfire friendly.

DIY Kayak Site

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Kayak Design and Construction
Build Your Own  ... Free Boat, Kayak & Canoe plans  ...  for the DIY crowd
Some interesting plans, especially if you know you want to build something but aren't sure you need a kayak. 
Enlightened's designer is a expert paddler and a Marine architect.  He discusses displacement, waterline length, controllability, and hull speed.
This lengthy (11,000 word) article is excellent; an expansion of an article that appeared in the June 1995 issue of Sea Kayaker Magazine. The article is copyright 1996 & 1998 by Matt Broze of Mariner Kayaks 
I found this site just as I started  Another fiberglass covered foam kayak with much different approach to design and construction.  Check it out the finished boat is a work of art.
Kayak Accessories & Parts
Light, strong paddles at resonable prices.  I have used a T1 since July 2005. about 200 miles in lakes, rivers, and salt water.  The T1 is 29 oz. with aluminum shaft and ABS (plastic blades).  Steve runs a one man factory and sells mostly on Ebay and by mail.
Kayak Magazines/Newsletters/Periodicals/Websites
While I was on Vancouver Island summer 2005 I discovered Easykayaker.  This excellent book about easy saltwater kayak adventures from the Island led me to the second book Kayaking Vancouver Island and to a one day class by the authors.  Gary Backlund and Paul Grey have a great attitude about kayaking, stressing having fun and staying safe.  They focus on easy-to-use launch sites, easy-to-paddle trips, easy-to-find info, and easy reading narratives. Their trip descriptions give you and excellent idea of what to expect at each location.
Deep site with lots of information on canoeing and kayaking. From Buyers' Guides for canoes, kayaks and accessories to articles, classifieds, photos, outfitters, and dealers.  They have ongoing contests with great prizes.  Even if you don't win you learn about lots of new Kayak products. 
Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter
Wondering what that cute little bird paddling next to you was?
Informative, entertaining, easy to read periodical with high production values.  Available by subscription to your door.  Free from select stores and from WaveLength.